WWW-Mincryst References:

 Structure:1. Rastsvetaeva R.K., Homyakov A.P.(1992);
* Kristallogr., 37, 6, 1561-1563;
2. Khomyakov A.P., Nechelustov G.N., Rastsvetaeva R.K. (1993);
* Zapiski VMO, 5, 76-82;
[Proc. Rus. Min. Soc.];
 Unit cell parameters: $Na4.4 K0.6 Zr0.7 Ti0.2 Nb0.1 Y0.8 Dy0.1 Gd0.1 Si6 O24 H12$
 Note: Locality - the Koashva Mountain, Khibiny alkaline massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia. IMA1992-031. N.A.D.

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