List of specified cards with unique numbers under unique name


NNCardSpecieFormulaSpace Group
1.2693[2], t-halite, FeFe0.05Mg0.95OF m3m
2.2694[3], t-halite, FeFe0.1Mg0.9OF m3m
3.2695[4], t-halite, FeFe0.2Mg0.8OF m3m
4.2696[5], t-halite, FeFe0.2Mg0.8OF m3m
5.6168[6], t-halite, Fe, at 300oC+0.00 GpaMg0.6Fe0.4OF m3m
6.6239[7], t-halite, Fe, at 300oC+12.19 GpaMg0.6Fe0.4OF m3m
7.6255[8], t-halite, Fe, at 483oC+7.43 GpaMg0.6Fe0.4OF m3m
8.6266[9], t-halite, Fe, at 483oC+12.50 GpaMg0.6Fe0.4OF m3m
9.6279[10], t-halite, Fe, at 500oC+24.97 GpaMg0.6Fe0.4OF m3m
10.6304[11], t-halite, Fe, at 600oC+27.25 GpaMg0.6Fe0.4OF m3m