List of specified cards with unique numbers under unique name


NNCardSpecieFormulaSpace Group
1.2687[1], t-spinelMgFe2O4F d3m
2.2686[2], t-spinelFe3+[Fe3+0.5Fe2+0.18Mg0.32]2O4*F d3m
3.6299[3], t-spinel, at 28oCMgFe2O4*F d3m
4.6300[4], t-spinel, at 295oCMgFe2O4*F d3m
5.6301[5], t-spinel, at 581oCMgFe2O4*F d3m
6.6302[6], t-spinel, at 982oCMgFe2O4*F d3m
7.6575[7], t-spinel, at 640oC+6 GPaMgFe2O4*F d3m
8.6576[8], t-spinel, at 1150oC+6 GPaMgFe2O4*F d3m
9.6577[9], t-spinel, at 675oC+5 GPaMgFe2O4*F d3m
10.6572[10], t-spinel, at 1130oC+5 GPaMgFe2O4*F d3m
11.6573[11], t-spinel, at 730oC+3 GPaMgFe2O4*F d3m
12.6574[12], t-spinel, at 1430oC+3 GPaMgFe2O4*F d3m