List of specified cards with unique numbers under unique name


NNCardSpecieFormulaSpace Group
1.2228[1], t-alunite, synKFe3[SO4]2(OH)6R 3(-)m
2.2227[2], t-aluniteKFe3[SO4]2(OH)6R 3(-)m
3.7586[3], t-alunite, syn(K,Na)Fe3[SO4]2(OH)6R 3(-)m
4.7587[4], t-alunite, syn(K,Na)Fe3[SO4]2(OH)6R 3(-)m
5.7588[5], t-alunite, syn(K,Na)Fe3[SO4]2(OH)6R 3(-)m
6.7930[6], t-alunite, syn, at 298oKKFe3[SO4]2(O[HH])6R 3(-)m
7.7931[7], t-alunite, syn, at 400oKKFe3[SO4]2(O[HH])6R 3(-)m
8.7932[8], t-alunite, syn, at 500oKKFe3[SO4]2(O[HH])6R 3(-)m
9.7933[9], t-alunite, syn, at 575oKKFe3[SO4]2(O[HH])6R 3(-)m
10.9749[10], t-alunite, at 297oKKFe3[SO4]2(OH)6R 3(-)m
11.9750[11], t-alunite, at 173oKKFe3[SO4]2(OH)6R 3(-)m
12.9751[12], t-alunite, at 133oKKFe3[SO4]2(OH)6R 3(-)m