List of specified cards with unique numbers under unique name


NNCardSpecieFormulaSpace Group
1.1942[1], t-normal spinelFeAl2O4*F d3m
2.1943[2], t-normal spinelFeAl2O4*F d3m
3.8821[3], t-normal spinel, syn, at 700oCFeAl2O4*F d3m
4.8822[4], t-normal spinel, syn, at 1100oCFeAl2O4*F d3m
5.8823[5], t-normal spinel, syn, at 500oCFeAl2O4*F d3m
6.8824[6], t-normal spinel, syn, at 1200oCFeAl2O4*F d3m
7.9848[7], t-normal spinel, syn(Fe,Mg,Al)Al2O4*F d3m
8.9849[8], t-normal spinel, syn(Fe,Mg,Al)Al2O4*F d3m
9.9850[9], t-normal spinel, syn(Fe,Mg,Al)Al2O4*F d3m
10.10055[10], t-normal spinel(Fe,Mg,Al)Al2O4*F d3m
11.10056[11], t-normal spinel(Fe,Mg,Al)Al2O4*F d3m