List of specified cards with unique numbers under unique name


NNCardSpecieFormulaSpace Group
1.1656[1], t-garnet, analogueGd3Fe2Fe3O12I a3d
2.1660[5], t-garnet, analogue, at 220oCCa3Fe3.5V1.5O12I a3d
3.1681[7], t-garnet, analogueCa3(Fe,V)5O12I a3d
4.1682[8], t-garnet, analogue, DFNa3Li3Fe2F12I a3d
5.1683[9], t-garnet, Ge-analogueMn3Fe2Ge3O12I a3d
6.1666[14], t-garnet, analogueNa3Li3Fe2F12I a3d
7.1672[20], t-garnet, analogueYb3Fe5O12I a3d
8.1673[21], t-garnet, analogueDy3Fe5O12I a3d
9.1674[22], t-garnet, analogueSm3Fe5O12I a3d
10.1675[23], t-garnet, analogueLu3Fe5O12I a3d
11.1676[24], t-garnet, analogueY3Fe5O12I a3d
12.1677[25], t-garnet, analogueMn3Fe2Ge3O12I a3d
13.1678[26], t-garnet, analogueCa3Fe2Ge3O12I a3d
14.1686[31], t-garnet, Ca-Fe-Ge-analogue, synCa3Fe2Ge3O12I a3d
15.1691[36], t-garnet, analogueNa3(Fe,Al)3Te2O12I a3d