List of specified cards with unique numbers under unique name


NNCardSpecieFormulaSpace Group
1.1124[1], t-helviteFe4[BeSiO4]3SP 4(-)3n
2.6128[2], t-helvite, at 33oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
3.6129[3], t-helvite, at 124oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
4.6130[4], t-helvite, at 197oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
5.6131[5], t-helvite, at 306oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
6.6132[6], t-helvite, at 397oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
7.6133[7], t-helvite, at 507oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
8.6134[8], t-helvite, at 598oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
9.6135[9], t-helvite, at 707oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
10.6125[10], t-helvite, at 798oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
11.6126[11], t-helvite, at 907oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n
12.6127[12], t-helvite, at 1035oCFe8[BeSiO4]6S2P 4(-)3n