List of specified cards with unique numbers under unique name


NNCardSpecieFormulaSpace Group
1.939[1], t-diopside, at 1025oCFeSiO3C 2/c
2.931[2], t-diopside, at 1.8 GPaFeSiO3C 2/c
3.935[6], t-pigeonite, at 200oCMg0.31Fe0.67Ca0.015SiO3P 2(1)/c
4.936[7], t-pigeonite, at 400oCMg0.31Fe0.67Ca0.015SiO3P 2(1)/c
5.937[8], t-pigeonite, at 600oCMg0.31Fe0.67Ca0.015SiO3P 2(1)/c
6.938[9], t-pigeonite, at 700oCMg0.31Fe0.67Ca0.015SiO3P 2(1)/c
7.929[10], t-diopside, at 760oCMg0.31Fe0.67Ca0.015SiO3C 2/c
8.930[11], t-diopside, at 825oCMg0.31Fe0.67Ca0.015SiO3C 2/c