List of specified cards with unique numbers under unique name


NNCardSpecieFormulaSpace Group
1.12[1], t-diopsideNaFeSi2O6C 2/c
2.13[2], t-diopside, syn[Ca0.75Na0.25][Fe2+0.78Fe3+0.22]Si2O6C 2/c
3.14[3], t-diopside, syn[Ca0.5Na0.5][Fe2+0.5Fe3+0.5]Si2O6C 2/c
4.15[4], t-diopside, syn[Ca0.26Na0.7][Fe2+0.3Fe3+0.7]Si2O6C 2/c
5.16[5], t-diopside, synNaFe3+Si2O6C 2/c
6.17[6], Li-analogue, t-diopside, at 298oKLiFe3+Si2O6C 2/c
7.18[7], Li-analogue, t-diopside, at 1023oKLiFe3+Si2O6C 2/c
8.19[8], Li-analogue, t-pigeonite, at 200oKLiFe3+Si2O6P 2(1)/c
9.20[9], Li-analogue, t-pigeonite, at 100oKLiFe3+Si2O6P 2(1)/c
10.21[10], t-diopside, at 24oCNaFe3+Si2O6C 2/c
11.22[11], t-diopside, at 400oCNaFe3+Si2O6C 2/c
12.23[12], t-diopside, at 600oCNaFe3+Si2O6C 2/c
13.24[13], t-diopside, at 800oCNaFe3+Si2O6C 2/c
14.25[14], t-diopside, at 14oK, DNNaFe3+Si2O6C 2/c
15.26[15], t-diopside(Na,Ca)(Fe,Mg)Si2O6C 2/c
16.7288[16], t-diopside, synNa(Fe,Al)Si2O6C 2/c
17.7289[17], t-diopside, synNaFeSi2O6C 2/c
18.7762[18], t-diopside, syn, at 1.78 GpaNaFeSi2O6C 2/c
19.7532[19], t-diopside, syn, at 8.63 GpaNaFeSi2O6C 2/c