Query preparation for searching data into WWW-MINCRYST

You can select elements from chemical formula which present (or absent) in minerals. IMPORTANT: all chemical symbols are case dependent, i.e use Si (not SI). For summary of rare-earth elements 'TR' abbreviation can be used (but separate rare-earth elements also can be used in search). In MINCRYST next system for writing of formulas is used: all coefficients are placed in parenthesis ( example: Na(2)CO(3) ), excluding molecular coefficients (as 15H(2)O )
Complex logical operations are available for making query:
  1. ' ' (space) or ',' (comma) - logical Boolean AND method;
  2. | - logical Boolean OR method (a|b - a or b or together);
Field 'Absent' is used for realization of logical NOT method (inside this field only AND method can be used) and you can put there all elements or substrings which must be absent into search result.
You can use checkbox 'Only this elements' if you want to find minerals which contain ONLY present elements (field ABSENT will be ignored in this case)
Examples of chemical part of query:
  1. Present: Na Si Cs (or Na,Cs,Si)
    means all minerals which contain Na AND Si AND Cs
  2. Present: Fe Si O   Absent: Al Mg
    means all minerals which contain Fe AND Si AND O but not contain Al AND Mg
  3. Present: Fe|Mg|Mn Si O
    means all minerals which contain (Fe OR Mg OR Mn) AND Si AND O
    example: FeSiO(3), MgSiO(4), (Fe,Mg)(2)Si(2)O(6)
Of course, any more complex queries are possible

Note: Please, avoid queries like 'O' or 'Si' only, because output of more than 1500 names will be long and non informative for you. Also, don't use trailing spaces in fields