In loving memory...

Nikolay Vassil'evich Belov (1891 - 1982)

Russian Soviet Crystallographer and Mineralogist. Proceedings in the field of Crystallography, Crystal Chemistry, Structural Mineralogy, Theory and Practice of X-ray Diffraction Analysis of crystalline substances.

Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and Member of numerous foreign Scientific Societies.

Member (1954-1956),
Vice-President (1957-1965),
President (1966 -1969)
of the Executive Committee of International Union of Crystallography

Outstanding Citizen of the USSR - Hero of Socialist Labor, Winner of Lenin and State National Prizes, rewarded with numerous State Awards.

* * * * *
The structures of more than 500 crystalline substances (including over 200 minerals) have been studied under the scientific leadership of N.V. Belov