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    1. SAMPLES

SAMPLE is an elementary unit of WWW-Moessbauer Data Base. It contains the experimental spectrum (a) of some mineral, narrowed spectrum (a) and results of its analyses. model of spectra and their distinguished constitutions doublet spectra. You can select different combinations of parameters for complicative search in WWW-Messbauer database. Searh mashine works like a filter - only samples that satisfies marked condition will be shown in list below the search parameter form.
Sample ID

One can select samples by its internal ID in the database

Sample Name

Sample name (or part of it)


One can select multiply minerals (hold down CTRL key) or 'Not defined' if it's not important which minerals to search for. Numbers in parenthesies - how many samples in the database are present for the mineral

Chemical Formula

One can enter list of elements, separated by spaces or commas, field 'Present Elements' - if these elements should be present in the samples, 'Absent Elements' - if these elements should NOT present in the samples


Structure features. Example: For clinopyroxenes could be mention the space group 2/c, P21/c or P2/n (or all three these cases, if no space group is mention)


You can check any combination of fields of interest. If you select several options, you will get all the samples (including some of relative samples from literature) matching at list one of the points you have choose